As a community of practice, we are committed to creating the best summer possible. Below is a list of experiences the organizers are committed to co-creating with residents. What else would you like to experience together?

  • Sunrise dance sets to start the morning 

  • Delicious, hearty, outdoor, sunset communal meals every evening 

  • Ritual and ceremony, deeply connecting to each other and nature

  • Forming new relationships that last a lifetime

  • Losing weight or improving health conditions due to clean, simple, reliable diet

  • Putting creative and professional skills to work towards something designed to create lasting systemic change

  • Receiving the support needed to facilitate breakthroughs on mental, emotional, or professional limitations 

  • Feeling a deep sense of belonging, connection, collaboration and integration in community

  • Fireside conversations under the stars that range from high-level visions of the future to practical steps for the next day, to personal stories and healing

  • Enjoying safe physical connection with a group in land-based quarantine, while so many are still going to be isolated in their homes 

  • Saving substantial amounts of money by dropping rent, food and discretionary costs we may have otherwise

  • Exploring the nearby majestic Gila National Forest 

  • Experiencing rich, fulfilling collaborative experiences with aligned, supportive and synergistic teammates

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