Every person who comes to Azure Village as a Collaborative Resident will have a clear purpose for being there and a predetermined role integrated into our organization. 

One of the best ways to determine that purpose is to visit Azure as a guest!


While this website is focused on recruiting team members who will be living and working at Azure full-time, One Nation Party and Civilization Redesign are also recruiting team members for remote collaboration. Our preference is to be immersed in a community-of-practice with our collaborators, but if you are not interested or able to live at Azure and you are a clear YES for participation in our mission, then we encourage you to still fill out an Initial Interest Form for a role and we can explore scenarios of engagement that work best for all.


Each role will be working directly in one of the following six domains:

  1. One Nation Party 2020 Launch 

  2. Movement Building

  3. Civilization Redesign Policy Research 

  4. Azure Village Management 

  5. Administration 

  6. Media 


Each applicant will fill out an Initial Interest Form to signal intent to engage in a discovery process. They may then be invited to apply for a specific role, or multiple specific roles. Each application will be reviewed carefully and vetted based upon who is able to best help progress the mission of Azure Village and the initiatives housed there. Applicants who progress beyond the initial vetting will receive an invitation to a video interview. An individual contract will be established and signed for each Collaborative Resident accepted that will detail roles and responsibilities, financial contribution, timelines and any other relevant details.


We are actively recruiting for all hyperlinked roles listed below, as well as several 
Generalist Roles for entrepreneurial folks with a variety of skill sets.


The roles without hyperlinks are roles we will be looking to fill soon. If you are clearly aligned with a role that is not currently open, feel free to fill out an Initial Interest Form and we will engage you once the position opens. A phenomenal applicant stating their availability is one of the ways a role may open as ready!


We understand that every human being is complex, nuanced, and multi-dimensional. If you feel that you align with multiple roles or specific aspects of different roles, pick the role you feel most aligned with and note in your Initial Interest Form other roles / accountabilities you feel are aligned with your sense of personal purpose.
Or apply for a Generalist Role.


If you are interested in any of these volunteer roles at Azure Village, click the links below, review the position description and fill out an Initial Interest Form. If you have any questions, email

You may also consider applying to visit Azure as a guest to feel out village life and the most appropriate role for you to fulfill.

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