Thank you for your interest in supporting Azure Village. If you are not interested or able to reside at Azure but would love to support the efforts on the ground, we would be deeply grateful for your financial or in-kind contribution to build and operate the village.


To make a financial contribution, please select one of the respective projects working out of Azure: 

  • Civilization Redesign

    • Make a tax-deductible donation to support the research, development and advocacy for all-win public policy. 

  • One Nation Party

    • Register as a financially-supporting member of a political network devoted to systemic transformations in the US and setting a precedent for campaigning and elected officials using public office to accelerate civilization redesign.


We are going to need a lot of gear! We are grateful for any materials you may be able to contribute to the development of our village. 


Almost anything relevant for a remote multi-day event like a festival may be relevant to capacitate Azure. 


If you are willing to donate or lend any of the items below, or any other items you anticipate we may need at Azure Village, please email with details and we will be in touch asap to discuss and make arrangements as appropriate. 


All in-kind donations will be tracked and recorded. If equipment / gear is offered for temporary use, a written agreement will be established to clarify the terms of the loan. All items loaned will be well cared for and returned according to the set agreement. 


  • Building

    • Lumber 

    • Hardware

    • Carpentry tools

    • Landscaping tools

    • Shovels

    • Chainsaw

    • Firewood

    • Workout equipment


  • Electricity

    • Extension cords

    • Power strips

    • Reusable batteries and chargers

    • Outdoor lighting 

    • Solar panels, batteries and solar gear


  • Electronics

    • Laptops 

    • Projector and projection screen

    • All types of media equipment

    • All types of music equipment

    • Silent disco headsets

    • Indoor lights


  • Accomodations / Temporary Structures

    • RVs

    • Trailers 

    • Domes 

    • Yurts 

    • Teepees

    • Tents: large & small

    • Shade structures 

    • Greenhouse


  • Furniture 

    • Mattresses 

    • Beds

    • Small tables 

    • Work station tables 

    • Work station chairs 


  • Household

    • Bedding & pillows

    • Blankets

    • Backjacks

    • Yoga mats

    • Large area rugs


  • Kitchen

    • Bulk plant-based food items

    • Dishware 

    • Cookware (community-size pots and pans)  

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