• Azure Village will run June 21 - November 21, 2020.

  • Collaborative Residents are not expected to stay the entire time, nor guaranteed to stay the entire time. However, we prefer applicants who are willing and able to collaborate for as much of the five-month term as possible. 

  • One Nation operations will continue beyond November 2020. Our physical headquarters may shift depending on a variety of factors.


Azure is an experiment in using a land-based temporary village context to house the launch of systemically transformational political initiatives. Collaborative Residents need to have a strong taste for adventure, communal living, focused productivity, dependability despite emergent flows, nature-immersion, ruggedness and political activism. 


  • While there are some physical structures on the property, the majority of collaborative residents will be living and working from camper vans, RV’s and trailers, and tents.

  • Residents are encouraged to provide their own vehicle or tent-based personal lodging. Residential tent accommodations will likely not have electricity.

  • Depending on donations, we may secure additional vehicles and tents that may be suitable for your accommodations, but that will be determined on a case-by-case basis if/as those resources become available. 

  • We will set up various tent-based collaborative zones on wooden platforms intended to stay as cool as possible and secure against wind and rain. 



  • Whole-food, plant-based community lunch and dinner will be provided for all residents and guests.



  • Azure is located near several national forests, rivers, hot springs, vineyards, a small town with a co-op, airport and other exciting regional experiences and opportunities.



  • Collaborative Residents will be responsible for transporting themselves and their gear to Azure. Details and options will be provided to accepted applicants and approved guests. 




  • Azure is located at 6,000 feet and some may require transition time to acclimate to elevation. 

  • Temperature

  • Expect regular Highs in the 80’s and Lows in the 50’s (down to 40’s & 30’s Oct-Nov) in this semi-arid zone.


  • Expect several days of heavy rain per month, especially in July & August. 


  • The windy season is typically the winter and spring. Be willing to co-exist with strong winds, although winds will likely not be a defining part of our experience at Azure June - November.  


  • At Azure we will be co-existing with wildlife including bears, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, scorpions and black widow spiders.


We treat safety with the utmost seriousness. However, between nature immersion, village building and village life, we cannot guarantee safety. Each Collaborative Resident is responsible for ensuring their own safety and health. Residents will be required to sign a liability release waiver for personal injury or harm while at Azure Village.

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