Azure Village is the capital village of the Political Rise: a new domain of political organizing (distinct from the political Left and Right) devoted to stewarding government in service to systemic transformation, civilization redesign and creating an all-win planetary human society in which all people thrive in relationship to each other, technology and nature.


One Nation, a triad of non-profit political research and education, political advocacy and political party, is establishing Azure Village as its temporary headquarters to build a national social movement, organize research into transformational public policies and develop new cultural templates for community organizing, coherence and collective intelligence.


In order to create a new society, we must become a new society. The primary invitation to Azure is to join a community of practice of living ‘all in for all life.’ This is a way of living that strives to fully integrate all-in service for the betterment of all life, while prioritizing, creating and experiencing the most nourishing quality of life possible for oneself.    


Azure Village combines the best of FESTIVAL culture, a business START-UP & the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement. It’s the political activism of the Occupy movement, but with the focus, agility, strategy and long-term commitment of a start-up team. It’s the productive capacity of a start-up, but with the nature immersion, radical openness to possibility, community support and high quality of life of a festival. And it’s the thriving pop-up village revolving around peak experiences of a festival, but with the intention of activating a mass, decentralized, world-changing political movement like Occupy. 


At Azure we will be launching a new political party, new 2020 candidates and a new policy research center. We will be actively driving movement building activities throughout the summer and fall for structural political transformations in the US. We will be organizing and empowering artists to produce various forms of art for the revolution. Azure will be the space to go all-in for systems change during this defining moment in history.


Azure is located on a gorgeous 40-acre retreat center property in Southwestern New Mexico. We have a 5-month lease starting June 21st to build a village of temporary structures as the next home for the One Nation operation. You are invited to be part of the action and celebration. 


1967 was the Summer of Love. It’s time to return to the spirit of coming together to envision and celebrate a new era, but this time more integrated with the power we will need to convert visionary idealism into specific, structurally transformational outcomes. This is the Summer of Love & Power, and Azure is a hub for coordinated action and celebration around the country and world. We are committed to playing our role to ensure the summer of 2020 provides a turning point for humanity. 


Test-drive eco-village community living. Increase your resilience by learning how a collaborative village can live on land together with minimal expense, minimal ecological footprint, and the cultural patterns that enable us to all enjoy a deeply nourishing quality of life. 


Azure will be an immersion in collaboration, intimacy, synergy and collective intelligence. We will use the intimate connection enabled by living, working and celebrating together to form strong bonds that enable powerful co-creation capacities. In addition to focused and purposeful work, you can expect lots of dancing, epic food, deep interpersonal connections, vigorous exercise, ritual and connection to the elements of nature. 


Azure will be home to residents dedicating their summer to the political rise and guests brought in from around the country for training and integration. This is designed to be an epicenter of activity able to coordinate the imminent social movements for those who refuse to go back to normal after COVID-19 and are ready to use these disruptive times to ensure structural changes to our government and society.


This is not a time to avoid politics or wait for change. It’s a time for a reclamation of patriotism and politics, to rise up and organize the millenial voting majority to prepare our generation to steward local, state and national governments in service to a great and just transition. Azure is the capital village of this political rise and you are invited to learn more and apply to co-create as a resident.


We are creators. The future is ours to create. Together we rise.



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Integrating diverse perspectives is central to One Nation’s mission and theory of change. In order to create a more beautiful world we need to know and feel how our current world has inflicted trauma and abuse on all walks of life and to integrate the living wisdom of all backgrounds and ancestral traditions. We are committed to working within the limitations of resources, geography, communication, and culture to do all that we can to provide a brave space for all identities and perspectives to participate in the systemic redesign of our world through participation at Azure Village. We acknowledge that we are not experts in racial trauma and intersectional justice. We acknowledge that the majority of our current core team is made up of individuals with white skin and male-identified bodies. We acknowledge that there are inherent limitations and gaps in our perspective of which we are unaware.  We are committed to rising above these limitations through sincere efforts to reach out to and invite in deeper integration and learning. We ask for your support in widening our perspectives and capacities by sharing this invitation to co-create with those who can build bridges across communities as we work together to envision and actualize our shared future.


We take health, safety and compliance extremely seriously at Azure. While the property is located in one of the most case-free counties in the country and the state of New Mexico is currently laxing commercial restrictions, we acknowledge the risks of gathering a new group together. Our core team has been quarantined for two months and will be moving to Azure on June 21st. We plan on monitoring the situation closely, screening new residents and guests for health history and social distancing practices, requiring extra precaution while traveling and settling in at Azure, and closely following public health recommendations from officials.

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